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Become a carer today!

Are you very passionate about giving help to others? Are you in need of a means of earning a living that allows you to do other things or even let you work other jobs? If that basically describes what you are looking for, then you are in luck! At, you can quickly become a carer and earn an impressive income by merely doing what you love to do daily, giving social care. Our website matches you with a host of well-vetted individuals who require your social care services. These people range from seniors, disabled people to people who just need assistance In general.

What are the benefits of working as a carer on our platform Izalti?

Tailored working schedules – you are given the option of choosing what works for you correctly regarding working hours and what kind of clients you are most comfortable working with which makes for an ideal working situation for both you the carer and our clients. The flexible working hours can be combined with just about any other activity as well as other jobs. . Impressive salary – because of our transparency and flexibility, you are expected to earn a way higher wage than if you were working with an agency. We pay you exactly what you deserve and more. . No unique skill and prior experience required – at Izalti, just about anyone is welcomed to sign up as a carer. Yes, it is general knowledge that having some level of expertise in any job or an educational qualification gives you a broad edge, but that doesn’t deter you from signing up on our platform and getting that experience. . Career growth – not only does Iizalti offer you an opportunity to earn extra income, it also acts as a foundation/gives you a wealth of useful experience to help boost your career in social care if you joined our community as a novice. A novice who after working at least 100 hours in our economy category is given an upgrade to the next group for higher pay as said carer has now acquired the level of experience required to work for the standard group. Our final category called the premium category is open to you to enable you to earn an even higher pay if you have the necessary educational qualification.

How to know if this kind of job is for you?

Being of physical assistance to other people is an endeavor that requires a level of sympathy, patience, and being a people person regarding communication skills. We implore both individuals with professional qualifications as well as people just starting out with little or no experience to sign up to our platform and let’s join hands in building a haven for people in need, to give them that support they genuinely require. So if you are a big fan of helping others, open to adding another income stream to your portfolio and as well as investing your free time in something worthwhile, this job is for you. That being said, this job may be most convenient for:


        • Part-time workers;
        • People on maternity/paternity leave;
        • Unemployed  individuals.

If you have no experience whatsoever with this structure of work model, you can quickly enlighten yourself on if you can pull this off by just filling out our online application form if you would like to;

        • Work when and with whom you decide;
        • Help people and earn an income at the same time;
        • Set your own tasks and only be required to provide services you are best suited for.

How much can you earn as a carer at Izalti?

You will be paid your stated rate minus commission (15%) for collective services provided to specific employers for the duration of your contract with that particular employer. We also implore you to set your payment rates based on your qualifications, experience and the amount of time you are willing to invest in your caring activities. For payment models, we use online transaction platforms like PayPal, etc.

Do feel free to fill out an application form and start your career as a caregiver.