Why us?

Why work with us

We are a vibrant, outstanding, fast growing technology company based in the center of one of Europe’s most popular tech scenes- Riga (Latvia). We carefully selected out the best features from prominent businesses to build a service that will bring out the beauty of aging. We are committed to providing the best quality home-based care for those who cannot take care of themselves.
We offer cares to people (Elders) so that they don’t have to feel lonely and forgotten in a care home; we have an exclusive technology that provides families with peace of mind and make them entirely rest assured that their Grandparents/Great uncles and aunties are well catered for at ohm at this vulnerable stage. Post your job offer (vacancy) to find the perfect candidate for your vacancy or post your resume (short description of your experience) to find the perfect job.
Registration on our platform is for free, we take a small commission from the amount which caregiver (the service provider) gets from a senior (the client).

We also have another incredible offer that will be of great interest to you on our website. We have an option on which everyone who visits our website can share all our registration links online. We have separate links for each social media platform and Gmail so as to suit all users.
If a caregiver (the service provider) or a senior (the client) is registered through your links, you will automatically (as the commissioner) get a reward of 1% commission fee. The discount given is from each of the amounts the service receiver (seniors) pays to our platform as a result of registering through your link or from each of the amount in which a caregiver (service provider) gets from the services rendered.

This is an opportunity for you to help more people while doing what you love!

Looking forward to future cooperation!

Best regards,
Izalti team