How does it work?

How does it work?

Get that premium care for you and your loved ones.

When it comes to providing personalized care for the elderly, the most sensitive of factors need to be taken into consideration.

Now imagine being able to have access to such special services which are tailored to meet even the most specific needs by clicking through to an easy to use website? Amazing right?

Caring for the elderly is a skill very few people have been able to horn, and wouldn’t it be the greatest thing to be able to provide such dedicated service to people who need it employing a specialized platform that connects elderly, disabled clients, and professional caregivers? is a freelance platform like no other that connects you and your loved ones with professional caregivers who not only ensure that all your specified needs are met, but also leave you with a lasting and pleasing memory of human relations on a social level and ultimately friendship.

Whatever your needs are regarding social care or a job in caregiving, ensures to match you with a carer that understands what you need to be most comfortable, as well as matches carers with clients whose needs are precisely their specialty or directly in their field of expertise.

Get matched with the ideal carer today!

With detailed/specialized descriptions and background checks of our various professional caregivers on, we promise to match you with only the best to suit your needs.

We take our services a notch higher by also letting you place very tailored advertisements on our website, get applications that are right down the alley of your needs as well as browse through all that information provided till you find that model carer that was trained just for you.

Not only are the carers on our platform trained professionals, but they also promise to add a touch of friendship and family to the whole process making the experience as memorable as possible as they are both trustworthy and safe to work with as far as caregivers go.

From daily caregiving to also serving as a personal assistant, the elderly need as much assistance as possible to make their golden years as comfortable as possible.

We promise that at Izalti, your location and finances will never be a problem as we have carers who suit your area as well as your budget entirely.

How does it work?

  1. Potential caregivers are required to apply for specific vacancies on our website
  2. Relevant information that ensures both the professionalism and just how safe to work with a caregiver is concerning running background checks etc. are collected and thoroughly verified before being stored for reference in our database.
  3. Seniors and their family are required to apply for a carer that can provide the tailored services they need and are matched with a carer that is best suited to provide said clearly stated needs.

We cover just about any aspect of home care for those who require it.

Benefits of using Izalti

  •  Simplicity– Our very user-friendly interface allows for the secure use by our elderly clients and their family as well as the social care applicants to find exactly what both parties are looking for utilizing a search filter or by just filling out an easy to understand form.
  • Optimum prices – our pricing system promises to favor both elderly clients and social caregivers as clients can find the best quality of social care without breaking the bank, and our social caregivers are paid handsomely and dare I say even better than social caregivers working with agencies.
  • No additional expenses– we won’t try to trick you into paying more than the explicitly stated prices attached to each service offered. So say a permanent goodbye to subscription and registration fees.
  • Flexibility– like in the case of pricing, the flexibility of using our platform favors both elderly clients and the social caregivers as our clients can choose and switch social caregivers at will and with ease just as the caregivers themselves only work with clients they are most comfortable with and as well pick their working hours.
  • Loyalty – to further show just how passionate we are about our core values which are ensuring quality social care for everyone as well as being there for those who can’t afford any form of social care at all, up to 30% of our income from donations is directed to a deserving charity. Yes, we look out for those most in need as best as we can.

Services we offer

Our wide range of services is first of all grouped broadly into two categories:

Direct/in-person care

  • We provide emotional and social care which eliminates the awkward feeling of having a stranger in your home (includes visiting, going out together, and common activities, etc.);
  •  Transportation to various places, running errands and booking appointments, etc., which may include (to shops, medical appointments, etc.);
  • Our carers also offer a host of household work to make your life easier, and these household errands could include (weekly cleaning, vacuuming, washing clothes or bedding, ironing, etc.);
  • Meal preparations and at various times would not be a problem;
  • Feeding of the elderly or disabled that may not be able to do this for themselves is another service our carers are well equipped for;
  • Toileting and bathing.

Indirect care

  • Shopping;
  • Arranging for services (example, booking appointments, and rescheduling);
  • Overseeing medical care;
  • Handling finances.

You are given the opportunity to sieve through our database of already available carers or merely put up a detailed advertisement of what you require precisely concerning social care on our platform to get you connected with a carer whose services are perfectly tailored to meet your every need.