Find a Carer

Find a Carer

Finding the ideal carer for you!

Are you looking for assistance? To get connected with someone who runs not only basic errands such as shopping, bathing or pay bills but also offers warm companionship, friendship, and entertainment? Looking for that friend that also doubles as a social/ primary medical caregiver? Then look no further, you are already in the right place.

At, we take out the backbreaking stress of managing your home and everything on your by matching you with the carer that understands as well as is an expert in the area of your need. is the ideal marketplace that introduces seniors, disabled people and just people in need generally to affordable social care without stepping out of your budget.

Enjoy our full range of professional services from well-vetted carers!

We understand that the elderly, the disabled and people in need of assistance generally are well within their rights to get these services they require and at an affordable payment rate, and that’s why was born to serve as a haven where people in need can easily connect with, choose and employ a carer whose work expertise is tailored to meet your needs and budget.

We have grouped our caregivers into three broad categories on Izalti:

  • Trained and skilled carers with educational qualifications and experience which make them eligible to offer their social and essential medical care services in the premium category.

This group is well equipped to provide just about any kind of social and primary medical care.

  • We also have professional social carers who sign up with prior experience under their belt or are required to work at least 100 hours in the economy category to be qualified for the standard category.

They also offer a wide range of social care services like in the premium category, but here, no medical care service is provided as they aren’t qualified.

These wide ranges of social services also come with varying hourly pay rates.

  • the economy category recruits enthusiastic and trustworthy newcomers .these group of carers is well equipped to provide necessary companionship, run errands such as shopping, cooking, taking walks, etc. and their services come at very affordable rates.

We have listed some of the services offered by our carers below:

Home Services
• Property Maintanence;
• Home organization projects;
• Gather and present home improvement estimates;
• Manage repair and construction projects;
• Relocation packing/moving assistance/unpacking;
• Attic & garage clean out;
• Liaison with home vendors (plumbers, electrician, cable, etc.);
• House sitting: checkmail, water plants, peace of mind check in;
• Mail management;
• Landscaping/tree service/yard cleanup;
• Preparations for House Guests.

Errand Services
• Grocery shopping;
• Dry cleaning;
• Prescription pick up;
• Post office & mailing;
• Grocery shopping;
• Personal shopping;
• Returns.

Scheduling Appointments

• Caterers;
• Pet sitters/walkers/trainers;
• Home repair/handyman;
• Interior design;
• Fitness trainer;
• Massage therapy;
• Nannies care.

Reminder Service

Entertainment & Leisure

Personal Shopping

  • Shop and purchase gifts;
    • Gift wrapping;
    • Specialty Gift & Food Baskets;
    • Locate hard to find items;
    • Unique gift ideas;
    • Returns/exchanges;
    • Holiday shopping;
    • Client Gifting Programs.

Domestic or International Relocation
• Area orientation/research;
• Home, authority and doctor finding;
• Pack/unpack settling in services;
• Drivers license/car registration;
• Bank research.

Medical Concierge Services
• Navigate the health care system;
• Organize claims;
• Verify all claims have been filed and paid;
• Write appeals.

Personal Services
• Spa Reservations;
• Messenger & Courier Services;
• Interior design;
• Fitness trainer;
• Massage therapy;
• Physicians;
• Relocation assistance;
• Car Washing & Detailing;
• Eldercare (non medical);
• Sports Lessons;
• Life Coaches;
• Stress Management Consultants;
• Pet sitters/walkers/trainers.

Problem Solving

Auto Services
• Pick-up and delivery for repairs, service, new tires, battery installation or detailing;
• Car Inspections;
• DMV registration;
• Detailing services for cars, boats, RV’s and motorcycles.


Benefits of using Izalti:

 You get to find and employ only carers who ensure to be able to meet your needs to the nine by merely sieving through our database of carers or just putting up a simple advertisement stating in detail your specific requirements and wait for carers to apply for the position.

  • You only pay for the exact services you need as our carers give detailed entails of their services. We also have carers grouped clearly into categories with clear descriptions of what services your payment plan will get you.
  • You don’t have to pay an outrageous amount of money when you only need short time services because, at Izalti, you just employ a carer for the exact amount of time you need their assistance and only when you need it.
  • You are also entitled to hiring a different carer every time you are in need of social care services.

A secure and safe payment system

At, we calm your fears and ensure that all your online payment transactions such as card payments and PayPal, etc. are secure and private.

We have absolute trust in the carers who offer their services on our marketplace platform, and we also hope you trust us to provide you with the level of care that make the lives of you and your loved ones most comfortable.

Connect and employ a carer on Izalti today to enjoy that extra quality of life.